Model Overview

If the wheel & the money prevailed, it was because many trusted in these innovations

But they didn´t trust because they were new, it was because

proved to be trustworthy

Single Point of Failure
The prevailing system established the fact that all interpersonal or corporate treatment passes through an intermediary: Banks, Companies, even States
Centralized Entities
The centralizing entities, whatever they may be, have their own rules, they are black boxes that are imposed with their authority and are vulnerable to corruption
Now Think About A World In Which
Trust is transparent, inclusive & decentralized. Instead of imposed from above, go up from the bases of the system
The world is in the future that is coming, & the key to enter it is called Bitcoin
The bitcoin then serves to exchange goods and services without resorting to traditional currencies and maintaining the security
How Our Business Model Works

Our mining service is supported efficiently by use of high-performance chips, the best index of cost performance regarding electricity, cutting-edge technology concerning equipment cooling, equipment optimization, access to investors

Technical Information About Chipsets


50% Less

Immersion Cooling

40% to 80% more hash power

High Density

More chips, less space


We get technology at right time

Information About
Ability to be reused
Makes servers less expensive

Advantages over conventional air cooling

Increased power density per rack
More computing power in less space
Very less energy used for coolng
4 - 40 KW
Up to 10 KW per m2
1.1 - 2.0 pPUE


Up to250KW
Up to 100 KW per m2
1.02 pPUE


Investment infos

Young aggressive risk takers should put 10% of their net worth into digital currencies

Sophisticated investors looking to add portoflio returns should put 5%

Average conservative investor who has some apetite for risk can invest 3%

What We Offer