Who We Are

An energy hunter created with the purpose of participating in a New Economy. We believe in collective power as the best way to achieve goals

Power Efficient

Experience a <1.05 PUE, a 10-20% server load
reduction plus a total peak and average power
reduction of -50%. Cut your energy cost and
maximize your performance-to-energy ratio.

Fast & Flexible

Immersion cooling solution we use
can be located in any & be up and
running within weeks, not months.


Eliminate fan vibrations, dust, and
moisture contamination, oxidations risks,
and remove data center hot spots.


Minimize the discomfort of capacity planning &
inaccurate forecast. Each rack is a fully-integrated
micro data center allowing you to build as you
go and grow your operation.

Future Proof

Cool the most powerful servers, up to 100
kW/rack, and capitalize on emerging
advanced processing applications

Cost Effective

Cut data center construction costs by up to 60%,
Eliminate costly air cooling system including
chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors. Downsize
power and backup infrastructure

Our office

Stay Tunned!, Our Bunker is under construction!


BUNKR owns and operates one of the high-density cryptocurrency mining operations in Miami, FL

With low rates, reliable infrastructures, innovative & supportive policies

We own and operate 100% of our bunker in vertical integration. We design & construct our facilities through highly efficient technology

Economic returns through transforming energy into money

Founders possess new management, technical experience in designing, building, operating & scaling data centers

Excellent relationships with leading chip & hardware manufacturers, allowing us  to secure new miners quickly

Making The Best Effort

We provide a highly efficient service based on Blockchain Technology,
supported by the best human resource available. The final result is a satisfied team